2020  South East Asian Gi & No Gi Beach Games

The 1st Jiu Jitsu Gi / No Gi Beach Games event held in the Philippines.

Over the last few year Jiu Jitsu has become part of the World Beach Games a Multi Sport event held around the World.

As part of this development BJJFP will hold a version of the same event Gi / No Gi at Mall of Asia , Sands by the Bay on March 8.

This is an open event for all teams and participants from the Philippines and other countries , standard BJJ rules will apply.

Venue / Date :  March 8

SM Mall of Asia

SM  By the Bay

Sands Event Area near Vikings

Registration and Fees:

On or before  Feb 16 – P1595 add P695 for No Gi
After  January 16 P1995 add P795 for No Gi
Absolute add P250

Registration links : South East Asian Gi / No Gi Beach Games  

Beach Games No Gi Registration


Beach Games Gi Registration


Discount applies only to GI & No GI event; Masters & Adults are considered two divisions

  • Rates & Fees: All Events
  • Before Feb 16 – P1595 plus P695 for No GI (Gi / No Gi) Absolute add P250 for each event
  • For two events P1595 (i.e. Philippine Intl and Novice P1595 per event)
  • After Feb 16 – P1995 plus P795 add P250 for Absolute for each event

Deadline for Entries and Corrections

  • Tuesday March 3
  • No Corrections or Entries after Tuesday March 3
  • Match Schedule / Brackets released Wednesday March 4

After registration please check your name on the competitor list

NOTE: It is the obligation of all competitors to check your entry prior to the Correction deadline sees the Competitor list (details adjusted anytime before the deadline) not after the deadline.

We do not check emails after the deadline; this period is when the brackets and schedules are synchronized one change affects the entire scheduled.

Payment Methods

Registrations are processed only after payment has been received.

  1. Online registration – click the registration links. For your registration to be processed you must pay at the same time that you register, follow the links after registration. Registrations without payment are not valid.

Philippine-based competitors

2. Direct deposit – for multiple or Team entries only. You must email your deposit slip with your entries at the same time.

ECD Events Concepts and Designs
Bank of Commerce,
Petron Station
111 – 00 – 0027533
Email deposit slip and entries to; info@bjjphilippines.com

3. Direct payment
Pay at KMA
Tordesillas St Makati or
Wack Wack Gym Mandaluyong

Contact details; Tel Joshua (02) 8551 -4449
Email to Mike; info@bjjphilippines.com

Match Schedule / Brackets;

Brackets will be released Late Wednesday January 29

All competitors to be in the warm up area at the Venue one hour prior to your Match time

Schedule will show match time by division and Mat number.


For Corrections please send an email only No text / phone calls or Facebook messages

Email to: info@bjjphilippines.com Subject: “ Corrections “
Include your Full Name, Event ID, the Event is it GI or No GI, Team name and the changes required.

A confirmation email will be sent

• Corrections can be made any time up to the Deadline
• Please check the Link under Competitor Info after you register

To ensure your registration is correct.
Check Name, Weight, Belt, Team name are correct

Match Schedule; Released prior to the event
Please check and arrive one hour before your Match schedule

GI Dress Code / Change room

  • All Black , Blue and White Gis allowed
  • See the IBJJF Rules for placement of patches
  • Please pick up your trash, lets leave a good impression
  • CHANGE ROOM : Male and Female are provided.

Please note: Wear shoes around the mat area; do not walk around with bare feet the dirt transfers to the mat.

Always wear a shirt, we are in a shopping Center not your Gym

No Gi Dress Code :

 Shorts for Men

  1. Board Shorts Black or Black & White color , and or the belt color are acceptable/
  2. 2. No Spats for Men that exceed the length of the shorts under the shorts
  3. Shorts should not contain, pockets, zippers, plastics or metals that could harm a opponent.
  4. Short Length halfway down the thigh but not to exceed 15cm from the knee


  1. Shorts , Compression pants (spats)colored black , black and White or the belt color are allowed.


  1. Rash guards should be made of skin tight elastic material long enough to cover the waist of the shorts, long sleeve or short sleeves only
  2. Rash guards should be not less than 10% of your Belt color ie Blue belts, Blue color must be part of the rash guard material.


1. Competitors are not allowed to wear groin cups.

2. No Greasy substances on the body or hair

3. Undergarments must be worn

4. Knee braces should not contain metal or plastic material.

5. No Coaching within the Mat Area

6. Photographer / Videographers please ask for a Media Badge

7. All competitors wear shoes around the Venue.

8. If you do not make weight you may be disqualified,

9. Absolute registration must be made when you register for your weight class , No Absolute registrations allowed on the day.

10 ,Change room provided, Down stairs behind the Stage