2024 Philippine Gi & No Gi Kids Adults Masters International Open

After the BJJFP Pan Asians the Philippine International Open is the 1st International Competition in the Asian region since 2004 and one of the largest Jiu Jitsu International Competitions in Asia . This years event will have all divisions Children Juniors Adults and Masters up to M5 Male and Female .

Date : July 21 , Start 9am Saturday all Gi matches followed by the No Gi Matches .

All competitors must create their own unique Smoothcomp Profile which they can edit and update .

IBJJF rules apply please review: Rules course will be the Sunday 10am before the event at KMA everyone is welcome to attend . WEIGH -IN before your 1st match on the day .

CHILDREN’S DIVISIONS : To cater for the growing number of children entering the sport, this year BJJFP / JJFP have created divisions by age and by weight . The age categories are 6-8 , +8-10 , +10 -12 , +12 -14 , +14 -15.. All children belts are classified as White belts .

Belt Divisions : Juniors White and Blue Belts age 16 -18 , Adults and Masters M1- M5, White to Black Belts .

Ultimate Takedowns : Gi (Open Belt) In an effort to improve our competitions at each event we will host an Ultimate Takedown competition on the same day. Rules are based on the Fighting System of JJIF this comp is designed to find the best takedown competitors that can compete in the JJIF Ju Jitsu Fighting system . Take down scoring : March time 3 minutes , Advantage 1 point , Takedown with 3 second stabilization 2 points after scoring competitors will restart from standing . An Athlete that scores three 2 point takedowns is declared the winner . Penalties plus one point to the opponent , disqualification on the 4th penalty.

REGISTRATION DETAILS:: After registration please check your details on VIEW PUBLIC ATHLETES LIST which you can edit if required.

Juniors and Kids Early Bird : P1695 , Normal registration P1995 , Late Registration P 2200

Adult Early bird registrations : P1895

Normal registration : P2000

Late registrations : P2200

CORRECTIONS : Last day Wednesday May 29 , you can edit your registration anytime up to this date.

PROVISIONAL Brackets and Mat Schedules will be released on Tuesday before the competition.

PAYMENT METHODS : After payment check your registration on View Public Athletes list.

For Single or Multiple entries pllease create your own unique Smoothcomp account and register online through Smoothcomp or using one of the methods below . Registration is approved after payment receipt.

Online payment and registration through Smoothcomp
Direct deposits : ECD Events Concepts Designs Inc Bank of Commerce, Wack Wack , Petron Station Mandaluyong 111 – 0000 – 2851- 3 Email deposit slip and entries to; bjjfp.com@gmail.com registration will bne approved.
Direct payment : single or multiple entries . Pay at KMA Tordesillas St Makati or Wack Wack Gym Mandaluyong
Gcash please email : bjjfp.com@gmail.com for the details and send your payment receipt after your registration include the name of the comp registered.
No refunds for single entry we can move competitors
All Competitors :please check the match schedule and be at the venue at least one hour prior to your match . Juniors and Children divisions will be the 1st competitors followed by Masters . All competitors please bring an ID with proof of age .

Registration & Corrections : Please check the athletes list to make sure the details are correct you can edit and change your entry anytime up the the last date of registration.

Contact: bjjfp.com@gmail.com

Eligibility : Amateur MMA Fighter can compete as White belts except in the Novice comp, Judo Black Belts National Team Wrestlers and Professional MMA Fighters must compete as Blue belts.

PLEASE NOTE ANY SINGLE ENTRY COMPETITORS , YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR MEDAL ANYTIME ON THE DAY . Please be prepared to weigh- in before receiving your medal and bring an ID.I f you are alone in your division after the Brackets have been finalized on the Wednesday before the competition your entry can be moved to Absolute (you will forgo your medal in your division).


RULES : IBJJF rules apply weighin before your 1st match

  • Gis / No Gi uniforms must not be torn and are clean.
    GI Fighters will wear a White , Blue or Black Kimono only: Identification .Belts will be provided No Gi – Fighters use Tights (Females only) shorts, Rash Guards , Gis must be clean . No Gi rash guards must contian at least 10% of your belt colour.
    Match Duration / Rules: IBJJF Rules apply see below Match time 5 minutes for Adults White, Blue 6 min, Purple 7 min , Brown 8min , Black 10min , Children 3 minutes, Juniors 4 Minutes. Masters 1 (M!) six minutes , M2 – M4 all matches 5 minutes.
    No Gi Rash Guards must be at least 10% of the belt colour, Shorts must be black
    Coaching inside the competition area allowed only for Kids and teen divisions
    Only official photographers / Videographers allowed inside the competition areas with an approved ID.
    See rules information, copy and paste the link; https://ibjjf.com/books-videos
    NOTE : All Entries can be edited by the competitor up to the Wednesday before the competition.

Single entry competitors can be moved to the Absolute. Masters can move to a younger age group but not to an older age group. You can also choose to be moved to the Absolute division instead of your weight class.

All competitors that do not make the weight class will be disqualified.

FOR ASSISTANCE : EMAIL bjjfp.com@gmail.com