2024 Asia Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Gi Adults Kids & Masters and International  Open  and  Asia Pacific No Gi Submission only International Open are one of the leading Jiu Jitsu events in the region . The Asia Pacific No Gi  1st Submission only Event i is the 1st of its kind in the region.

The 2024 Asia Pacific Gi International Open is a standard Gi competition under IBJJF rules for ADULTS , KIDS , TEENS JUNIORS   and  MASTERS Gi  held on  Saturday October 5  ,  No Gi  SUBMISSION ONLY Sunday October 6  .

The Asia Pacific Submission No Gi International Open is the 1st Submission  and only major BJJ International in the region . We look forward to continuing this success with the support of the teams and players in the region.This year more divisions have been added both Male / Female Children’s division and Junior divisions. Male / Female Masters up to Masters 4.  Children’s divisions start at ages +6 and under 8, +8 U10, +10 U12 , teens 13 to 15 , Juniors +15 to Under 18. 

Win by Submission or Advantages for Submission attempts when there is a visable  defense and your oppopnent is in danger of being submitted but they escape. 

Asia Pacific Ultimate Takedowns   Gi  (Open Belt) will be held on the Saturday October 5. Rules are based n tohe Fighting System of JJIF  this comp is designed to find the best takedown competitors that can compete in the JJIF Ju Jitsu Fighting system .                       Take down scoring  :  Match time 3 minutes , Advantage 1 point , Takedown with 3 second stabilization 2 points  after scoring competitors will restart from standing .  An Athlete that scores three 2 point takedowns is declared the winner .  Penalties plus one point to the opponent , disqualification on the 4th penalty. 

VENUE & Date  : Ayala Circuit Makati   https://www.ayalamalls.com/main/malls/ayala-circuit 

Saturday 9.30 am October 5 All Gi divisions including Adults , Children , Teens  Juveniles, Masters   and all Ultimate Takedown divisions Juvenile and Adults

Sunday October 6,  9.00 am,  all No Gi Divisions only .                                                    

REGISTRATION DETAILS ;  Check your details after registration see the participant list and make any corrections if required.  All Competitors must create their own Smoothcomp account and profile.              

DISCOUNT APPLIES FOR :   GI & No Gi Registrations  when you register together. To register for Absolute you must be registered in a division.


EARLY Payment discount :

  1. EARLY Bird :  Before September  1 :Children P1795  ,Juvenile P1795  No Gi  less P995 Adults P1995 ,No Gi Discount  less P995, Absolute P600
  2. NORMAL : After September 1 up to September 29. Children  P1995 ,Juvenile P1995 , No Gi less  P795  Adults P2200 No Gi  P995 Absolute P650
  3. LATE Registration up to Wednesday October 6; P2500 No Gi less P695 Absolute  in  all  Adults and  Master divisions. Absolute P700
  4. CORRECTION DEADLINE : Wednesday before  the event,  you can edit your registration online in your Smoothcomp  Comp profile and change weight classes belt up to this date
  5. PROVISIONAL BRACKETS : will be released for competitors to check on the Tuesday  before the event. Brackets may change up to the competition day due to pending registrations going through.

1.  Direct payment through Smooth comp as you register using paypal. Registration is approved only after payment has been processed

OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS : Please send your deposit slip along  with your  full registration details , weight Team belt division comp name  and Gi or No Gi ,  Smoothcomp email address so we can the approve your registration.  

2. Bank Payment Account ; Multiple entries / Team Entries / Single entries   

  • Direct Deposits : ECD Designs and Concepts Inc 
  • Bank of Commerce , Account 111 – 0000 – 2581 – 3
  • Wack Wack Petron Station , Shaw Blvd

3. Gcash ; Please email bjjfp.com@gmail.com for the details 

4. Direct payments : Pay at KMA Tordesilas St, Salcedo Makati do not forget to include your smoothcomp email address and full registration details. 

COMPETITOR INFORMATION; Weigh in before the 1st Match

  • Asia Pacific Gi International Open , IBJJ rules apply including match time points and penalties 
  • Asia Pacific NO GI Submission Championships. Win by submission or advantages for Submission attempts only no points are awarded for positions.
  • Definition of an advantage for Submission; There must be a visible defence , the opponent must be in danger of being submitted before an advantage is awarded.


  • Adults White / Blue belts 5 mins plus one min overtime for equal or no score
  • Adults Purple / Brown 6 mins plus one minute overtime if there are equal or no advantages
  • Adults Black 7 mins plus one minute overtime if there are equal or no advantages
  • Masters all belts 5 mins plus one min overtime if there are equal or no advantages
  • Overtime ; if a match is a draw a one minute overtime will be called the athletes will remain in the same position.
  • Overtime :The Referee will say ” Freeze ” Athletes must remain the same position until its clear before restarting the match. The match will restart in the same position.
  • Stalling after 10 seconds the athlete will be penalized if they are not attacking , mount and back control submission defense or submission attempts are not included.
  • Penalty allocation 1st penalty on the board, 2nd penalty plus advantage , 3 rd penalty another advantage , 4 th penalty disqualification. 

ELIGIBILITY : Professional MMA Fighters, Judo Black Belts and National Team Wrestlers must compete as Blue Belts.

– Competitor Attire : No Gi Competitors Black Shorts , Rash Guard no Fitted Tshirts with 10% of the competitors belt colour. Gi competitors White , Black and Blue Gis only IBJJ. F rules apply for patches and length of Gis , belts to be in good condition . 

– DIVISION CHANGES : Division changes may be made online through smoothcomp. This must be completed on or before the  CORRECTION  DEADLINE (Wednesday prior to the comp) . Corrections and Editing of your entry can be made at Smoothcomp prior to the Bracket Deadline in your registration profile.

– Registration issues ; please contact bjjfp.com@gmail.com

– Single entries can be moved to the Absolute division