2014 PAN ASIAN Jiu-Jitsu Gi & No Gi & Kids Intl Open - May 10 - 11, SM Mall of Asia

Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 8:00am

2014 PAN ASIAN Jiu-Jitsu Gi and No Gi and Kids International Open - May 10 -11, - SM Mall of Asia

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2014 Pan Asian Jiu-Jitsu International Open - May 10 -11, SM Mall of Asia .
The most important and largest BJJ event in the South East Asian region, recognized as the regions premier event.
The event will feature both Gi and No gi competitions along with children divisions.

All BJJ Teams and players are welcome.

To ensure the highest standard of competition , several of the regions leading Black belts who are qualified as reffs have been invited to officiate for this event.

As a result the fees have to be higher than previous years to cover these additional traveling and hotel expenses, we wish to ensure we set the highest standard possible for the regions premier BJJ event.,5 -6 mats being allocated for the 2014 Pan Asians.

Date and Venue

Saturday May 10 - all BJJ Gi divisions including Juniors (no children's divisions)
Sunday May 11 - all No Gi divisions and Children's BJJ divisions

Start time: 8.30am Saturday, 9.00am Sunday see schedule below for weigh in times.

SM Mall of Asia
Ground floor, Music Hall

REGISTRATION - LAST Day to register Monday May 5


Early payment before April 20
One event P1295
Both Events add P795

After April 20
One event P1495
Both Events add P895

The Discount for two events is automatic when you register
If you wish to register for two divisions on the same day, you must register and pay twice.

SATURDAY May 10 - Pan Asian BJJ - Gi International Open
Note: The Children's Gi (ages 5 - 14) competition is held on Sunday

Weigh in Schedule Gi
8:30am - Juniors, Masters and Women
9:00am - White Belts
10.00am - Blue belts
10:30am – Purple Belts
11:00am – Brown / Black

Masters born 1978 and before
Juniors born 1997 and after.

GI Attire
All Black, White, Blue or Pink for Ladies see Gi specifications for patches and length of Gi's in the rules section.
All athletes to wear Gi and belt (no t-shirts, groin cups, or knee braces, hair gel)
All Gi ‘s to be in good order no holes or tears or loose patches

SUNDAY May 11, 2014 Pan Asian No Gi and Kids International Open
Note: The Children's Gi (ages 5 - 14) competition is held on Sunday

Weigh in Schedule No Gi
9:00 am – Kids BJJ – G9 / Juniors / Women’s / Masters
9.30 am - Basic white belts
10.00 am - Intermediate Divisions (Blue belt)
11.00 am – Advanced (Purple & Brown) and Elite (Black ) Divisions

Masters born 1978 and before over 35y/o
Juniors born 1997 and after. 19 y/o
Children born 2000 and after. 14 y/o

No GI Attire
As required by IBJJF. All competitors must wear a rash guard, which reflects their belt.
Examples; white sleeves for white belts / blue sleeves for blue belts, or all blue or all white rash guards, short or long sleeve. Minimum of 10% of the belt color should be reflected in the rash Guard.
No Gi - Weigh in with rash guard and shorts (no t-shirts, groin cups, body/ hair gel, or knee braces). .
Shorts: all Black fight shorts, logos are allowed on both rash guards and shorts, no pockets and zippers allowed
Only athletes with the correct attire can compete, no exceptions. Approved Rash guards will be available at the event.

IBJJF current rules will be followed, see the rule links above
Straight foot locks are not allowed in the white belt division.

See the link on the front page for No Gi requirements. .


All Competitors: Please Check Brackets upon release: Check your division, belt and team name.
Brackets will be posted late on Tuesday May 6.
Send an email to; entry@bjjphilippines.com: Subject " CORRECTION " anytime on or before Wednesday May 7.
No changes will be made after Wednesday May 7 so please check the brackets.

Please note;

  • Before his/her first fight, the athlete will check his/her weight wearing the Gi or in No Gi with the correct attire.
  • There is only one opportunity to check the weight.
  • If the competitor does not make his/her weight, they will be immediately disqualified.
  • Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You cannot change divisions after the date above.
  • No refunds issued.
  • Any false information provided during registration such as DOB and Eligibility qualification but not limited to; Will lead to immediate disqualification; such actions are subject to suspension or even banishment from future BJJFP/ IBJJF events.
  • No spectators or coaches allowed in the competition area.
  • Children's matches’ one coach only is allowed.
  • Absolute divisions - only division medalists are eligible to compete in the Absolute
  • No Straight foot locks allowed in the white belt division.
  • All competitors to read the Code of conduct below.

Competitor Etiquette

  • Footwear must be worn around the competition venue at all times; we want our mats clean for the competitor’s welfare and hygiene, walking bare feet is unacceptable in the mall.
  • All competitors must leave the competition area immediately after their match.
  • Do not walk in front of the scoreboards, across the mat to another mat or over the barricades.
  • Wait on the side of the mat to be called by the referee before entering the mat area
  • Show respect.
  • All competitors are to wait for the winner to be announced before leaving the mat, in case of victory please stay in the warm up area.
  • All competitors must wear Shoes / Shirts / Pants around the competition venue
  • Competitors who do not abide by instructions giving by officials can be disqualified and possibly banned from future events.
  • All competitors to read the code of conduct below


Registrations are processed only after payment has been received

1. Online registration - click the registration links
For your registration to be processed you must pay at the same time that you register,
Follow the links after registration.

Philippine-based competitors

2. Direct deposit - for multiple or Team entries only
You must email your deposit slip with your entries at the same time
KMA Fitness and Martial Arts
China Bank: 222 - 068591 - 5
Email deposit slip and entries to; entry@bjjphilippines.com

3. Direct payment
Pay at KMA
Tordesillas St Makati or
Wack Wack Gym Mandaluyong
Brady; (02) 5514449


Contact details;
Email Brady; entry@bjjphilippines.com
Tel ;5514999 , Text only 091782440


BJJ International Open NoGi Feb 23 RESULTS


Under 62 Kg. Pena
1. Ming Lun John Quency Liew- Bjj Borneo- Malaysia
2.Lennon Ginibun- Bjj Borneo- Malaysia

Under 67 Kg. Leve
1. Marcus Low – Peter de Been – Australia
2. Carlos Buenaventura- Team Fabricio

Under 82.3 Kg. Pesado
1. Izak Tonks- Peter de Been- Australia

Over 82.3 Kg. Super Pesado
1. Pepe Canseo- Team Fabricio
2.Michael Schwab- Team Fabricio


BJJ International Open Gi Feb 22 RESULTS


Under 40 kg.
1. Kathleen Alexandria Totu – BJJ Borneo- Malaysia
2. Cassidy Tanddo - Team Fabricio

Under 45 kg.
1. Tristan Villareal – Team Fabricio
2. Nicolas Cerida - Deftac Ribero
3.Aarel Aswald Hee- Bjj Borneo- Malaysia

Over 50 Kg
1.Antonio Ceriola – Deftac Ribero
2. Noah Uychoco – Team Fabricio
3. Kian Serranilla - Team Fabricio
3.Troy Legaspi - Team Fabricio

Under 55 Kg.
1. Victor Santos – Team Fabricio
2. Mick Martinez – Deftac Ribero