Asia Pacific Submission Only Gi and No Gi & the ADCC South East Asian Championships - Nov 5

Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 8:30am

ADCC South East Asia - Philippine International Nov 5

Weight in Gi
Weight in No Gi
Team Form

Competition concept

Asia Pacific Submission Only Nov 5 Gi and No G
This competition format is created to encourage competitors to compete for submissions. We want to bring BJJ back to it roots, this is an exciting concept for competitors and spectators alike.
We believe that having an event where competitors have to defend or attack focusing only on submissions will in conjunction with the other BJJFP / IBJJF events improve the standard and the level of competitors within the region.

ADCC South East Asia - Philippine International Nov 5 Weigh in will be in the after noon
This event is the main ADCC event for the region it is a National Event only no travel prizes are given.
This comp is to held for grapplers to enjoy the experience of competiting in an event under the ADCC rules.
Division from Beginners to Advanced and both Masters and Women are included.
The ADCC comp will be held in the afternoon after the Asia - :Pacific competition
This event is open to all BJJ schools to both events

Special rules apply for the Asia – Pacific Submission International Open see below

Date and Venue

DATE; Sunday November 5 - all Asia Pacific BJJ Gi and No Gi divisions
Weigh in for Gi competitors starts at 9.00 am be at the venue at least one hour prior to your match time
No Gi competitors to be at the venue as per schedule
Please Note: No Kids / Teens under 14 years BJJ competition event.

SM Mall of Asia
Music Hall
Bayside , Pasay
Manila Philippines

Competition information
All competitors please check the brackets and match schedule below
Any competitor who has no competitor and wishes to move to a higher division
can be moved on the day
All competitors please be at the venue one hour prior to your match we endeavor to
start on time and follow the match schedule.
After the Asia - Pacific Sub only has been completed we will hold an ADCC rules meeting
to discuss and review the rules for all competitors , coachers and spectators.

Asia Pacific Competitor list

Asia Pacific Brackets
No gi

ADCC Competitor list

ADCC Brackets

MATCH Schedule

Competition will start at 9am
Please be at the venue 60 minutes prior to the match time.

Match schedule by Mat

Match schedule by division

GI Attire
All Black, White, Blue or Pink for Ladies see Gi specifications for patches and length of Gi's in the rules section.
All athletes to wear Gi and belt (no t-shirts, groin cups, or knee braces, hair gel)

No GI Attire
As required by IBJJF. all competitors must wear a rash guard which reflects their belt.
Examples; white sleeves for white belts / blue sleeves for blue belts, or all blue or all white rash guards, short or long sleeve
NO GI - Weigh in with rash guard and shorts (no t-shirts, groin cups, body/ hair gel, or knee braces ). .
Shorts: all Black fight shorts, logos are allowed on both rash guards and shorts, no pockets and zippers allowed
Only athletes with the correct attire can compete, no exceptions. Approved Rash guards will be available at the event.
See the link on the front page for No gi requirements. .


Absolute divisions - only division medalists are eligible to compete in the Absolute
Straight foot locks are allowed in the white belt division.
All competitors to leave the competition area after their match, failure to do so may lead to disqualification
No Spectators / Coach's allowed in the competition area
All competitors to wait for the winner to be announced before leaving the mat.


At the venue ; Look for Jona

Partner Hotel s – For discounted rates - Booking reference BJJFP .
1. Orchid Garden Hotel , Website ;

2. Paragon Hotel Manila

COMPETITION RULES : Asia – Pacific Submission International Open see below

Match Times

Match time;
White / Masters / Women / Juniors - 5 minute match time
Overtime - 1 minute, one over time allotment only.
Blue / Purple - 6 minutes
Brown /Black - 8 minute match time
Overtime - 2 minutes, one over time allotment only.

Overtime - the competitors will be notified that overtime has commenced, the competitors will continue in the same position , they will not be reset standing.
One over time allotment only.
The referee will say the words " Overtime Starts " to Notify the competitors.

Eligibility - Judo Black belts / National Team Wrestlers /and Professional MMA fighters who are not graded in BJJ must compete in Blue belt Gi division or Intermediate No Gi divisions.


Win by submission or advantage points for submission attempts ( advantages given only for failed submission attempts )

If a person taps physically or verbally, makes a noise in response to a submission it will be considered a tap or if the reff stops the match
for safety reasons.

ADVANTAGES - Definition
Advantages are awarded only for submission attempts, providing there is a visible defense and the defender is in visible danger of being submitted.
The player under attack is required to defend an attack before an advantage will be be awarded and after the submission attempt has failed..

No points are awarded for any positions including takedowns.

In case of a draw , a defined overtime will be allocated depending on the belt, at the overtime mark the match will continue from the current position
( players will not be reset ) ,players will be notified by the referee that the overtime has commenced.
If there is still a draw the reff will decide who the most aggressive fighter was based on submission attempts and match control.

IBJJF penalties and rules will be followed for the competition and applied as per IBJJF rule book.
All legal and illegal techniques apply as per belt.

Example 1. Wrist locks are illegal for white belts
Example 2.Slamming is an automatic disqualification
Example 3. Toe holds are illegal for purple belts and below.
Example 4 ; Can openers are illegal from the guard

Straight foot locks are allowed for white belts adults and above.

REAPING Will only apply in a standing position when a foot lock is being applied, it will not apply if a footlock is not being attempted.
In this situation a penalty only will be given.
Reaping on the ground will apply anytime the leg is across the body past the bellybutton and the leg is controlled..


An advantage point for a submission attempt is given when an athlete is attempting to submit his opponent and the submission fails but the the opponent was
in visible danger and was required to use effort to defend the attack to prevent being submitted.

Example 1.
Omoplata where the opponent rolls out while the submission is not fully in place or locked in will not be considered a submission attempt no advantage will be awarded ,
but if the opponent is forced to roll out to avoid being submitted and he is in " visible danger " and the lock is on then an advantage will be given.

Example 2.
Half triangle position is not a submission attempt, the opponent must be pulling on the head attempting a triangle submission or a wristlock or an armbar.
If the opponent is just holding this position without attempting any submissions no advantage will be awarded.

Example 3.
Mount , the opponent must attempt an armbar wrist lock or choke from this position , and the opponent would be defending a submission
attempt for an advantage to be awarded.

The main criteria for an advantage to be awarded by the referee is " VISIBLE DEFENCE and VISIBLE DANGER " if a player is applying a submission and
the submission being applied is forcing the opponent to defend putting him in visible danger of being submitted then an advantage is awarded.


Question 1. What about points? . NO points are awarded for any position.
Example 1.
In a situation where one fighter has his opponent in a Guillotine and the other person escapes this submission attempt is then able to mount his
opponent and even take the back , only the competitor who is attempting the submission will be awarded the advantage no points are awarded for any other position or for any defence.

Example 2.
If one fighter is attempting a submission in half guard and is sweeped no points are awarded for the sweep only an advantage is given for the
submission attempt providing the opponent is defending and is in visible danger.
All submissions attempts must be put the opponent in danger that if they are not defended they will be forced to submit.

Question 2. What about footlocks what is legal?
White belts ; straight footlocks
Blue / Purple belts ; straight footlocks
Brown / Black belts and above ; Foot locks, kneebars and toeholds, no heelhooks

Question 3. What about penalties ?
IBJJF rules apply , penalties are awarded immediately on infraction and are applicable as per IBJJF rules

Question 4. How does the overtime work?
If both competitors have an even score an extra two minutes is given the players will be notified and continue fighting from their current position
The players are not reset standing and the fight is not interrupted due to the time extension.