Philippine National BJJ Championships - GI and No Gi - Sept 30 , 2017 BJJ Friendship Novice Games Gi & No Gi Oct 1

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 8:00am

2017 Philippine National BJJ Gi / No Gi and Kids Championships September 30,
2017 BJJ Friendship Games Gi & No Gi Oct 1, SM Mall of Asia

This competition is open to all and will determine the BJJ Philippine National Champions
All Gi and No Gi matches including children will be held on Saturday September 30 start at 9.00am.

2017 BJJ Friendship Games Gi & No Gi Oct 1
Both Gi and No Gi Matches will be held on Sunday Ocober 1.
Four mats will be used both days.

Weight divisions - Nationals Gi
Weight divisions Nationals - No Gi

Weight divisions - Friendship Games Gi
Weight divisions - Friendship Games No Gi

Team Form

2017 Philippine BJJ National Championships Saturday September 30
All Belts , Adults / Masters / Juniors and Kids
Gi competitors pleases be at the venue before 8.30am
No Gi competitors please be at the venue as per schedule.
Current or former professional MMA fighters , National Wrestling Team members , or Judo Black belts
are to compete in the Blue Belt division.
Open to all competitors regardless of Country or Origin.

2017 BJJ Friendship Novice Gi and No Gi Championships
Open to White belts and Juniors only
Criteria ;
Any white belt who has not previously won a BJJFP and IBJJF event .
No Judo Black Belts , or National Wrestling team members
This is a Gi and No Gi competition.
Gi competitors pleases be at the venue by 9am
No Gi competitors please be at the venue by 12am
Open to all competitors regardless of Country or Origin.


SM Mall of Asia
Music Hall ( Manila Bayside )

For a quick overview of the divisions please see the team entry forms above
Registration deadline Tuesday September 26.
When registering please check the following
Correct name spelling , Correct division and weight class,
Make sure you include your Team name .
A competitor list will be live online here for you to check your entry.

Registration and division changes are closed

After registration please check the competitor list and insure your registration is correct.
It is the obligation of each competitor to check their entry.

Competition - Nationals Saturday September 30

See match schedule below, be at the venue ready at least 1 hour before
the allotted time. Weigh in at 9.00am for Children will compete 1st

Competitor list Nationals

Competition - Friendship Novice Games Saturday October 1

Gi and No Gi competiton
See match schedule below, be at the venue ready at least 1 hour before
the allotted time. Weigh in at 12.30 am or as the Gi Matches are completed.

Competitor list- Friendship Games

BRACKETS - CORRECTIONS - No changes will be made after 2 pm Tuesday.

All Competitors: Please Check Brackets above: Check your division, belt and team name.
Send an email to; Subject " CORRECTION " anytime on or before 5 pm Tuesday

BRACKETS : listed below

All competitors should be at the venue one hour before the match time.
Mat numbers may change from the ones listed
At the venue a Mat coordinator will call your name be inside the competitor area.
Only three calls are made or you will be disqualified
All competitors must make weight the 1st time they weight in on the official scale

Nationals Match schedule by division
Nationals Gi competitors please follow the schedule , Kids should be at the venue before 8.30am
All other competitors to be at the venue 1 hour prior to the scheduled time.

Nationals Gi

Nationals No Gi

Friendship Games ; Match schedule by division
All competitors to be at the venue one hour prior to the match schedule

Friendship Games Gi

Friendship Games No Gi

Information for all competitors
Match time- Please check the match schedules when released , this is an estimates time for each division.
All competitors should be at least one hour at the venue prior to your match time as we may start earlier.
With your co-operation the organisers will try to make the competition as efficient and smooth as possible.

Absolute - Absolute enrolment will be called after the division has been competed please listen out for the call.
To ensure we run on time we need your assistance.Only division medalist can enter the Absolute division.

Coaching - No coaching inside the comp mat area except for the children's match's. (one coach / parent only)
Wait for the signal before stepping on the mat and do not walk across other mat areas or over barricades.

Competitors - All competitors are to leave the match area immediately after your match ,no exceptions.
If we have to ask you twice you will be disqualified.

Wait in the holding area for your name to be called at least one hour before the scheduled match time.
A change room will be provided please use them.
Warm up mats will be provided.

GI Attire
All Black, White, Blue or Pink for Ladies see Gi specifications for patches and length of Gi's in the rules section.
All athletes to wear Gi and belt (no t-shirts, groin cups, or knee braces, hair gel)
All Gi ‘s to be in good order no holes or tears or loose patches

No GI Attire
As required by IBJJF. All competitors must wear a rash guard, which reflects their belt.
Examples; 10% of the rash guard should reflect the belt , ie white sleeves for a white belt .
No Gi - Weigh in with rash guard and shorts (no t-shirts, groin cups, body/ hair gel, or knee braces). .
Shorts: all Black fight shorts, logos are allowed on both rash guards and shorts, no pockets and zippers allowed
Only athletes with the correct attire can compete, no exceptions. Approved Rash guards will be available at the event.

IBJJF current rules will be followed, see the rule links above
Rule change; Straight foot locks for white belts are not allowed
all other rules remain the same.

See the link on the front page for No Gi requirements. .

Notice to Competitors

  • Before his/her first fight, the athlete will check his/her weight wearing the Gi or in No Gi with the correct attire.
  • There is only one opportunity to check the weight.
  • If the competitor does not make his/her weight, they will be immediately disqualified.
  • Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You cannot change divisions after the correction date above.
  • No refunds issued for any reason, if you do not make weight you will be disqualified
  • Any false information provided during registration such as Date of Birth and Eligibility qualification but not limited to; Will lead to immediate disqualification; such actions are subject to suspension or even banishment from future BJJFP/ IBJJF events.
  • No spectators or coaches allowed in the competition area except for children's matches.
  • Children's matches one coach only is allowed.
  • Absolute divisions - only division medalists are eligible to compete in the Absolute
  • No Straight foot locks allowed in the white belt division.
  • All competitors to read the Code of Conduct ad Competitor Etiquette below.

Competitor Etiquette

  • Footwear must be worn around the competition venue at all times; we want our mats clean for the competitor’s welfare and hygiene, walking bare feet is unacceptable in the mall.
  • All competitors must leave the competition area immediately after their match.
  • Do not walk in front of the scoreboards, across the mat to another mat or over the barricades
  • Competitors climbing over the barricades or walking across the mats to get to another mat will be automatically disqualified.
  • Wait on the side of the mat to be called by the referee before entering the mat area
  • Show respect at all times to fellow competitors, officials and SM staff.
  • All competitors are to wait for the winner to be announced before leaving the mat, in case of victory please stay in the warm up area.
  • All competitors must wear Shoes / Shirts / Pants around the competition venue, change in the changing room provided.
  • Competitors who do not abide by instructions giving by officials can be disqualified and possibly banned from future events.
  • All competitors to read the code of conduct below
  • Wear your competition cloths when receiving medals.
  • Use the change room provided .
  • Venue and Mat rules - Important info

    • No Spectators / Coach’s (Children's match's, one coach allowed) Allowed in the competition area,
      Only authorized persons with an officials badge can video or photograph match's inside the competition area. If you are from a media source you can get an officials badge on the day
    • Further obligations; we are guests in the mall, please act accordingly, foul language is unacceptable, children and parents are present..
    • Do not walk or sit around the mall with out a shirt on, change your shorts or Gi pants in the change area or bathroom, failure to abide by any of these rules will lead to disqualification.

    Code of Conduct

    PLEASE NOTE - Other Venue rules / Competitor and Coach’s conduct;

    • With the continued support of SM we are able to stage premier events at SM which are subject to certain conditions.
    • All bags must be in the baggage area, no exceptions.
    • Every person i.e. coach, competitor, spectator at a BJJ event represents the sport, the reputation of the sport is more important than the individual. Individual actions reflect the group, if you are unable to control yourself on or of the mat please do not attend or register for the event. As martial artists we should be an example of what is good about martial arts, respect, honor and good character.
    • Any verbal abuse directed towards the Referee, Officials, SM staff, would be cause for immediate disqualification from the competition and possibly a one-year competition ban, any physical abuse is a lifetime ban without recourse. In certain cases IBJJF will also be notified. If you do not follow instructions given by officials this will be cause for immediate disqualification without warning. .
    • At any time during a match if a competitor acts in an unsportsmanlike manner i.e. shoves his opponent this is cause for an immediate disqualification from the event, no medal if won will be awarded.

    Please follow the instructions given by officials or SM Staff, if you are asked to leave the area, please leave.

    We are all here for the enjoyment of the sport, to see competition at its best and to have fun at these events. The Referees and Officials are there to carry out important functions with out them the events would not exist; they are entitled to everyone’s utmost respect.

    BJJFP will not accept any disrespect directed towards officials and between individual competitors.