Jiu Jitsu Federation of the Philippines - SEA Games Trials Nov 4

Venue ;
SM Mall of Asia

JJFP SEA Trials Invitation Letter

Southeast Asian Game Qualifiers - weight divisions

Jiu Jitsu Federation of the Philippines (JJFP) is the official National Sports
Association (NSA) of the Philippines recognized by the POC and the PSC .
BJJFP recognizes the positive role an NSA can have on the sport in the
Philippines and will endeavor to work with and assist the JJFP to
reach common goals.

One of the functions of an NSA is to select a National pool of players to
represent the Philippines at International competitions.
The major competition for selection is the National Trials.
To be eligible for selection you must compete and place in at least one JJFP event.
Selection is based on the best results of the competitors.

SEA Games Trials.
On Nov 4 the SEA Games Trials will be held.
This is an open competition to all Teams including Deftac who have made several announcements that
there players have been omitted from the National Team
There has never been any restriction in place for Filipinos BJJ competitors or Teams to compete in any JJFP event.
All players have to do is register and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria below.
JJFP sincerely wish to see the biggest number of eligible players contest for places so the best possible Team can be selected .
The SEA Games is an important event in the Sporting calendar of the South East Asian region and for the
first time Jiu Jitsu will be represented .
It is unfair to the sport and to the players to deny anyone their chance to compete for
their country in front of a home crowd .
There are no restrictions on any eligible BJJ competitors from any Teams who wish to compete .
The National Team should represent the best players in the country so its important that all teams
send their members , no eligible players will be excluded.
The SEA Philippine Team will comprise of four players per division but the POC has approved the weight classes for the SEA Games
as per Team entry form .
Winners of this event will be up for selection with the Team chosen based on this event and from overseas based
Filipinos eligible to qualify..

This is a clear and open invitation to all BJJ schools to send their best players to find the best Team
to represent the country at the 2019 SEA Games.

How to qualify

1. Must compete in the National Trials and place in the top 2 to be considered.
2, Current National Team members can qualify by receiving a medal in a JJAU or JJIF
International event
The following National Team members are considered members of the 2018 JJFP National Team
and are not required to compete in the Nationals
3. All BJJ players from schools supervised by a resident or Non resident BJJ black belt are eligible to compete
and are m,embers of JJFP , Academy membership is free.
4. No Team membership fee is required.

The following members of the National Team have qualified for selection
in the SEA Games Team based on their International competition results
in 2018.

Female members
Meggie Ochea - 45kg
Kaila Napoles - 49kg
Annie Rameriz - 55 kg
Mariella Rafael - 55kg
Dylan Valmones 70kg +

Male Members
Jan Cortez - 56kg
Gian Dee - 62kg
Carlo Pena - 62kg
Marc Lim - 69kg
Adrian Guggerheim - 77kg
Rian Serenas - 77kg
Marvin Manalo - 85kg
Dean Roxas - 85kg

The team will comprise of four competitors per weight class for the SEA Games.
There is no guarantee that all weight classes will be accepted in the SEA Games

2018 JJFP Philippine National Trials - 2018 - 2019 Trials

NOTE: - Eligible Competitors
The Trials are open to Philippine Nationals only ,including non resident
Filipinos eligible for selection based on the following criteria .
All Teams are invited

Selection criteria for National Team members
Selection is also open to players even if you do not live in the Philippines
Eligibility :
1. Philippine Passport Holder
2. Dual citizenship carrying a Philippine passport
3. Does not have a Philippine passport
But is eligible to apply for a Philippine passport.
1 parent should be/ have been a Filipino citizen
4. Overseas Nationals must be affiliated to a local based team registered with the JJFP.
5. All local based players and their Team must be members of the JJFP.

Competition Registration Fee - deadline Wednesday
Registration will open soon
Comp fee P1495
JJFP membership P200
Total fee P1695
Philippine National Trials start at 9,00 am

Payment and registration methods

1. Direct deposit - Team entries
Jiu Jitsu Federation of the Philippines
East West Bank
E Rod Welcome Rotonda
Acct : 56302000846
Team entries accepted only by direct deposit
Please ensure that the names are legible to avoid errors.
Please email a copy of the entries and the payment slip to:
Email to : info@bjjphilippines.com
Subject " Team Entry Form"
Include your name belt , team and weight

2. Individual entries ;
KMA Fitness and Martial Arts
Le Domaine Tordesilas St Makati

Competitor list - click link

BRACKETS - (New entries may still be added )

For Corrections please send an email to ; info@bjjphilippines.com
Subject " CORRECTION " before or on Wednesday 1pm .
NO CHANGES will be made after Wedesday 1 pm .

MATCH Schedule

Competition will start at 9. 00 am for all events please follow instructions as per event.
A match schedule will be posted for each event by the Wednesday prior to the event.
Please be at the venue 60 minutes prior to your match time.


Contact details;
Email to Mike; info@bjjphilippines.com

Match times

Juniors 5 minutes
Male / Female Adults 6 minutes

Weight and Belt Divisions

Weigh info
Competitors can Weigh in with or without the Gi
No compression Shirts or shorts
Must wear a Shirt and Shorts , or Gi

Weigh in ; You can weigh on the Saturday before the event or
at the venue on Sunday
Locations and time for weigh ins
1. KMA Fitness and Martial Arts
Tordesilas St Salcedo 11am to 1pm only
2. Ulitimate Fitness - Metro Walk Ortegas
11am to 1pm

Please see the Team entry forms for the weight divisions.
For regional events Judo Black belts are required to register
in the Blue belt division.
Junior competitors all belts
Male / Female competitors Blue belts and Above

2018 JJFP National Trials Weigh Divisions .
Junior Development program
Divisions below;
Selections will be for the following divisions - U62 , U 69 , U77kg

FEMALE - Selection Trials

MALE - Selection Trials


JJAU rules apply including the dress code
Instructions will be in English
Juniors - Blue belt rules apply
Male / Female Adults
Black belt rules will apply.

Competitor Etiquette

  • Footwear must be worn around the competition venue at all times; we want our mats clean for the competitor’s welfare and hygiene, walking bare feet is unacceptable in the mall.
  • All competitors must leave the competition area immediately after their match.
  • Do not walk in front of the scoreboards, across the mat to another mat or over the barricades
  • Competitors climbing over the barricades or walking across the mats to get to another mat will be automatically disqualified.
  • Wait on the side of the mat to be called by the referee before entering the mat area
  • Show respect at all times to fellow competitors, officials and SM staff.
  • All competitors are to wait for the winner to be announced before leaving the mat, in case of victory please stay in the warm up area.
  • All competitors must wear Shoes / Shirts / Pants around the competition venue, change in the changing room provided.
  • Competitors who do not abide by instructions giving by officials can be disqualified and possibly banned from future events.
  • All competitors to read the code of conduct below
  • Wear your competition cloths when receiving medals.
  • Use the change room provided.
  • Venue and Mat rules - Important info

    • No Spectators / Coach’s (Children's match's, one coach allowed) Allowed in the competition area,
      Only authorized persons with an officials badge can video or photograph matches inside the competition area. If you are from a media source you can get an officials badge on the day
    • Further obligations; we are guests in the mall, please act accordingly, foul language is unacceptable, children and parents are present..
    • Do not walk or sit around the mall with out a shirt on, change your shorts or Gi pants in the change area or bathroom, failure to abide by any of these rules will lead to disqualification.

    Code of Conduct

    PLEASE NOTE - Other Venue rules / Competitor and Coach’s conduct;

    • With the continued support of SM we are able to stage premier events at SM which are subject to certain conditions.
    • All bags must be in the baggage area, no exceptions.
    • Every person i.e. coach, competitor, spectator at a BJJ event represents the sport, the reputation of the sport is more important than the individual. Individual actions reflect the group, if you are unable to control yourself on or of the mat please do not attend or register for the event. As martial artists we should be an example of what is good about martial arts, respect, honor and good character.
    • Any verbal abuse directed towards the Referee, Officials, SM staff, would be cause for immediate disqualification from the competition and possibly a one-year competition ban, any physical abuse is a lifetime ban without recourse. In certain cases IBJJF will also be notified. If you do not follow instructions given by officials this will be cause for immediate disqualification without warning. .
    • At any time during a match if a competitor acts in an unsportsmanlike manner i.e. shoves his opponent this is cause for an immediate disqualification from the event, no medal if won will be awarded.

    Please follow the instructions given by officials or SM Staff, if you are asked to leave the area, please leave.

    We are all here for the enjoyment of the sport, to see competition at its best and to have fun at these events. The Referees and Officials are there to carry out important functions with out them the events would not exist; they are entitled to everyone’s utmost respect.

    The Sport cannot accept any disrespect directed towards officials and between individual competitors.

    Membership forms and information below!

    Become a member: Please fill out the forms below
    Annual Individual membership Fee : P250
    Team membership 1st year : Free
    All JJFP competitors must be members of both a recognized
    JJFP Team and a current member of the JJFP Federation to
    be eligible to compete in a JJFP competition.
    Competition fee includes the JJFP membership fee of P250.