The Asia - Pacific BJJ Association is a group of Countries working together to promote the sport of BJJ through competitions and co-operation .
The Association recognizes that there are many cultures , different languages , the financial conditions , visa requirements and a wide
geography which affects all the players within the region.
By working together the Association hopes that it can build bridges between all countries and individuals that have a love for BJJ.

Principles of Association.
!. Recognition of IBJJF as the Sports ruling body for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
2. To impliment the sports rules in accordance with IBJJF ( except where some exemptions may be required)
3. To provide a group of trained referees at each recognized event to keep pace with the skill level of the players
4. To host a variety of recognized events in the region for players to compete
5. That the events are run to the highest standard to enable competitors to compete at IBJJF events

Members International Competitions
Marianas Open - March
Guam Open - September

Taiwan Open - July

Competition to be announced

Philippine Open - January ( 2 days )
Pan Asians - May ( 3 days)
South East Asian ADCC - July
Asia - Pacific Submission International - November ( 2 days )