Objectives Of BJJFP

“Our mission is to assist in the growth , development and integrity of the Sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Philippines for all participants and supporters"


  • Ensure we act as a conduit to the International BJJ Federation for the benefit of the members and the Sport
  • Implimentation of the IBJJF sanctioned rules for competitions and other requirements for BJJ participants
  • Host recognised local Regional , National and International competitions for the benefit of the sport and the participants
  • Work with the IBJJF in the implementation of the requirements and rules for the Sport of BJJ in the Philippines
  • To ensure that participants and new members have data base of recognised schools and Instructors
  • Compile a data base of student grades through Internationally recognised ID cards
  • Work with other International recognised BJJ Federations
  • Provide an information medium for the sport
  • For the Philippines to be the Official destination for IBJJF sanctioned Events in South East Asia. Our Goal is to have an IBJJF / BJJFP co - event.