Official Schools

The following information applies to Philippine resident BJJ practitioners.
The schools listed below and thier affiliated gyms are recognised by BJJFP as the only accredited BJJ schools in the Philippines.
Members from these schools and their affiliates are eligible to compete in BJJFP comps.

To qualify for recognition your school must be headed by a BJJ Black Belt, residency in the Philippines is not required.
The Black Belt Instructor who does not reside in the Philippines should be registered with IBJJF or another official Federation such as BJJFJ (Japan) ABJJF ( Australia ).

Official schools

Head Instructors listed ( Black Belt Professors)

Atos Ali Sulit
DEFTAC - Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Philippines Alvin Aguilar
John Baylon Clube de Jiu Jistu John Baylon
John Acosta BJJ John Acosta
90 /Eight BJJ Paul Pages
Nova UniĆ£o Filipinas / Team Konstrikto Daniel Charles
Origins BJJ Miles Vivas
Over Limit JJ Academy Edison Kagohara
Checkmat Jeffery Graham
Team Fabricio Stephen Kamphuis

Membership Certificates:

  • School Membership fee P1000
  • Your school will be issued with an official BJJFP Certificate Membership Certificate
  • Membership Certificates will be officially recognized by the International Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( IBJJF)
  • Membership of the BJJFP for schools ensures the integrity of the sport and safeguards students and members who enjoy Brazilain Jiu Jitsu.

Please ensure the correct information is giving below; Certificates can be picked up or posted on request.
Certificate information;

You School name , and Head Instructor
Renewal will be one year from date on the Certificate.

Please note; All members must be under a Black Belt Instructor ( does not have to reside in the Philippines ).
A letter from your Instructor must be provided with the following information.
Instructors name , school , location , rank, lineage and or IBJJF registration number.
If an IBJJF registration number is provided the other information is not required.

Payment Options

1. Paypal:

After making payment please inform us by sending an email to ensure we have received the payment.