2022 Philippine Novice Friendship Games.

We are very pleased to announce that BJJFP will host the 2022 Novice Friendship Games. This competition is dedicated to our valued White belts who want to test their in an exclusive event . We welcome this 1st major event after the Pandemic and look forward to seeing competitors back on the mats.
Divisions : White belt Male Adults , White belt Female Adults , White Belt Male Masters 1, White belt Male Masters 2.

Weigh in: Be at the venue 1 hour before your match schedule. You will be called by name . Match schedule :

Age Groups
Birth date Masters / Adults
1993 &
AdultWhite, 18-29
1992 &
M 1 White, 30 – 35
1986 &
M 2White; 36- 40


Basic Rules : The following techniques are not allowed . No Foot locks of any kind , Wrist locks, Jumping to guard. Please visit www.ibjjf.com for the rules applicable to White belts.

1.Competitors : please leave the competition area after your match to avoid congestion in the area. BE AT THE EVENT AREA ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR MATCH SCHEDULE.

2.Attire : Undergarments must be worn, Men no Tshirts rash guard allowed under the Gi , Ladies Rash guard is allowed no Sports Bra. Check your Gi for the correct position of the patches and the quality of your Belt it should not be frayed and reach the length as prescribed by IBJJF .

3. Not Allowed : Competitors are not allowed to wear groin cups.. Knee braces should not contain metal or plastic material. Gi & No Gi no slippery creams or oils allowed on the body or hair.

4. Coaching : No Coaching within the Mat Area, except one Coach is allowed for Children’s or Novice matches, or for hearing impaired athletes. Please sit at the table side chairs and leave the area after the match with the competitor.

5. Photographers / Videographers please ask for a Media Badge , no one is allowed in the competition area without a badge.

6. Footwear : All competitors wear slippers , thongs , flip flops , sandals or shoes around the Venue. Do not walk barefoot the dirt transfers to the mat.

7. Weigh in : If you do not make weight during the official weigh in you will be disqualified.

8. Absolute registration :register at the same time you register for your weight class. A penalty will apply if you register after you have registered for your weight class.

9 .Change room / Toilet :Situated behind the stage down the stairs , wear your Gi or rash guard when in the mall do not walk around with out a shirt. Do not change in Public and always wear a shirt.

10. Discipline : Please Observe the commands given by the Guards and the Event staff

11. Awarding : You must receive your medal on the Podium, dressed in Competition attire. You can not get your medal after the awarding ceremony. One person only to accompany the medalists on stage to receive their medals. No awarding can be made if there are more than one other person accompanying the medalist. This is for safety reasons.

12. Gi & Rash Guard Checking : Your Gi will be checked prior to the match , pre check your Gi and Belt that it matches the IBJJF requirements. You have one minute to change your Gi if it does not meet the specifications. Short sleeve Rash guards only they should be body fitting and contain not less than 10 % of your belt colour . Tops or shirts that are not body fitting are not allowed you will be required to change.

13 . Treston College : We are very grateful for the use of the Venue , Please Respect the staff , follow the instruction given by the Guards and Comp Officials , please keep your area clean and be courteous to others , no swearing or bad language is tolerated. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. We want to project a good image of ourselves and the sport.

14. Eligibility : White Belts only. Judo Black Belts that hold No rank in BJJ are not allowed to compete as White Belts, National Team wrestlers are also excluded.

Venue: Treston College the Fort Taquig. Address: University Parkway District, 32nd Street Corner, C-5, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila Date Saturday May 28 , 9am

Registration Fees : Early Bird discount P1495 before Sunday May 8. After May 8, P1795

Deadlines : Registration deadline Tuesday May 24. No Corrections after May 24 . You can correct your entry anytime before May 24

Registration links :to see the weight classes and divisions please click the link below. http://www.grapplingcontests.com/register_phil_gi.php?event=222

Competitor List : Please check your name , weight and team are correct. http://www.grapplingcontests.com/asiacompetitors.php

Registration Fees and Deadlines:

  • No Corrections or Entries after the deadline
  • Match Schedule / Brackets released Wednesday before the competition.
  • Check your entry on the competitor list after registration on the competitor list

Competition fee: Early Bird P1495 before May 8 , After May 8 P1795 All competitors can register in the Absolute . add P500

Competition payment:
Payment has to be made online or to the account specified.
Team payment made directly to the bank account must include the fighter’s name, team and category and a copy of the receipt.

Enquiries / Corrections; info@bjjphilippines.com
Corrections can be made anytime before the Payment deadline NOT AFTER THE DEADLINE. Please use the email address above, no texts , phone calls or facebook messages.

Payment Methods
Registrations are processed only after payment has been received.

1. Online registration – click the registration links

For your registration to be processed you must pay at the same time that you register, follow the links after registration.

Philippine-based competitors

2. Direct deposit – for multiple or Team entries only
You must email your deposit slip with your entries at the same time.
Events Concepts Designs Inc.
Bank of Commerce,
Petron Station
Account : 111 – 000 – 28513
Email deposit slip and entries to; info@bjjphilippines.com

3.Direct payment
Pay at KMA
Tordesillas St Makati or
Wack Wack Gym Mandaluyong

Contact details; Tel (02) 8551 -4449
Email to Mike; info@bjjphilippines.com