VENUE : Ayala Circuit Makati ( Activity Center ) On behalf of the BJJ community we wish to thank Ayala Circuit Makati and the staff for their continued support of the sport of Jiu Jitsu. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Ayala+Malls+Circuit/@14.5729953,121.0197107,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x82cd1c6ad319db5e!8m2!3d14.5729953!4d121.0197107

The 2022 Asia Pacific Gi Championships will be held under IBJJF rules. The Asia Pacific Submission No Gi Championships is the 1st Submission only major BJJ International in the region . We look forward to continuing this success with the support of the teams and players in the region.This year more divisions have been added both Male / Female Children’s division and Junior divisions. Male / Female Masters up to Masters 4. RULES : All IBJJF Legal Techniques and Penalties apply

  • Asia Pacific Gi Championships IBJJ rules apply including match times penalties and point allocation
  • Asia Pacific NO GI Submission Championships. Win by submission or advantages for Submission attempts only no points are awarded for positions.
  • Definition of an advantage for Submission; There must be a visible defence , the opponent must be in danger of being submitted before an advantage is awarded.


  • Adults White / Blue belts 5 mins plus one min overtime for equal or no score
  • Adults Purple / Brown 6 mins plus one minute overtime if there are equal or no advantages
  • Adults Black 7 mins plus one minute overtime if there are equal or no advantages
  • Masters all belts 5 mins plus one min overtime if there are equal or no advantages
  • Overtime ; if a match is a draw a one minute overtime will be called the athletes will remain in the same position.
  • Overtime :The Referee will say ” Freeze ” Athletes must remain the same position until its clear before restarting the match
  • REGISTRATION DETAILS AND FEES : Discounted rates before Sunday September 4
  • Before Sunday September 4 Single entry P1795
  • Two Events Gi / No Gi add P795 to your entry fee of P1795
  • Absolute add P500 for Gi and add P 500 for No Gi
  • After Sunday September 4, Single entry P1995
  • After September 4 : Two Events Gi / No Gi add P995 to your entry fee of P1995
  • Absolute add P500 for Gi and P500 for No Gi
  • Double entries : Adults & Masters are two divisions P1795 or P1995 for each division
  • No refunds allowed after registrations , transfer of registration to team mates is allowed only before the Registration deadline September 18 . No refunds if you register for Absolute and decide not to compete .
  • Absolute registration: click yes at the bottom of the page after you have registered for your division. No Absolute registrations on the day

REGISTRATION :Last Day to register Sunday September 18 Registrations may close earlier if we reach full capacity.

Last Day for Corrections Monday September 19 – Send an email only to info@bjjphilippines.com ( we only make corrections based upon the emails not on FB messenger or text messages. In the subject write ” CORRECTIONS “ include in the email NAME , WEIGHT , BELT / Division , TEAM , MALE OR FEMALE , the details to be corrected the competition ie Gi or No Gi and the competition name . If there is an issue with your entry not showing on the competitor list please also include the payment details . Always include your Team name .

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : :After registration check the competitor link below that the entry is correct .Make sure your team name is included. It is the obligation of all competitors to click the competitor lost to make sure the registration is correct immediately after you have registered. COMPETITOR CHECK LIST : Please check the following ;

  • Team name has been entered
  • Correct spelling of your name
  • Correct weight and belt division
  • Did you register for the Absolute


  • All competitors must be vaccinated except children
  • Weigh in on the day prior to your 1st match
  • If you do not make weight you will be disqualified and ineligible to fight in your division and the open.
  • Juniors , Masters and Kids are required to show a copy of an ID showing their date of birth (do not bring originals and keep the document after it has been seen at the weigh in).
  • Kids belts are all classified in the registration as white belts there are no separate belt categories for children
  • Medals : Gold , Silver and two Bronze medals for all divisions
  • IBJJF Rules apply ; Straight foot locks are allowed for White belts.
2004 & before KidsMixed belts
2005 & beforeJunior White/Blue div age14-17
1993 &
AdultWhite,Blue,Purple, Brown,Black 18-29
1992 &
M 1 White,Blue,Purple, Brown, Black 30 – 35
1986 &
M 2White,Blue, Purple ,Brown, Black 36- 40
1981 &
M 3White, Blue,Purple,Brown, Black 41 – 45
1976 &
M 4White Blue,Purple, Brown,Black 46 – 50

PAYMENT METHODS : Registrations are processed only after payment has been received.

  • Online registration – click the registration links. For your registration to be processed you must pay at the same time that you register, follow the links after registration. Registrations without payment are not processed.
  • Bank Payment Account; Multiple entries / Team entries only not single entries
  • Direct deposits from Gcash do not go thru the Registration system so it is not processed we need all the info such as Team , Competitors name , Belt , Weight , Male / Female.
    ECD Events Concepts Designs Inc
    Bank of Commerce,
    Wack Wack , Petron Station
    111 – 0000 – 2851-3
    Email deposit slip and entries to; info@bjjphilippines.com
  • Direct payment : single or multiple entries .
    Pay at KMA
    Tordesillas St Makati or
    Wack Wack Gym Mandaluyong
  • Enquiries
    Contact details;
    Email to Mike; info@bjjphilippines.com
  • Wear a Tshirt or rash guard at all times around the venue we are in a shopping center not the gym .
  • CHANGE ROOM : Male and Female are provided behind the stage
  • Use Footwear around the mat area to avoid brining dirt onto the Mats
  • Please do not block the aisle ways and sit around shop frontages

GI AND NO GI ATTIRE: inspection is made prior to the match to ensure competition clothing meets the standards set by IBJJF see the rules section for further information at ibjjf.com. Head dress cab be worn by female competitors.

  • Gi ATTIRE : must be of uniform colour , of sufficient length ie the sleeves should be 5cm from wrist when arms are extended forward, the jacket must reach the athletes thigh area , pants need to reach the ankles. Only female competitors can wear a rash guard under the Gi. Undergarments must be worn , Gi must be clean and the belt and Gi in good condition .
  • Gi inspection will verify whether the following official measurements are met: GI lapel thickness (1.3 cm), width of GI collar (5 cm), opening of sleeve at full extension (7 cm).Click to zoom imageOTHER REQUIREMENTS
  • PATCHES may only be affixed in authorized regions of the GI, as depicted in the IBJJF Rules Book. They should be of cotton fabric and properly seamed.
  • NO GI RASH GUARDS Both genders must wear a shirt of elastic material (skin tight) long enough to cover the torso all the way to the waistband of the shorts, colored black, white, or black and white, and with at least 10% of the rank color(belt) to which the athlete belongs. Shirts 100% the color of the athlete‚Äôs rank (belt) are also permitted.
  • NO GI SHORTS FOR MEN : Board shorts colored black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs, without pockets or with the pockets stitched completely shut, without buttons, exposed drawstrings, zippers or any form of plastic or metal that could present a risk to the opponent, long enough to cover at least halfway down the thigh, and no longer than the knee.
  • Also permitted are compression shorts made of elastic material (skin tight) worn beneath the shorts, in the colors black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs
  • NO GI SHORTS FOR WOMEN : Shorts, compression pants (skin-tight spats) and/or compression shorts colored black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs. The shorts must not have pockets or have the pockets stitched completely shut, must not have buttons, zippers or any kind of plastic or metal that could present a risk to the opponent, and must be long enough to cover halfway down the thigh and no longer than the knee.
  • GI AND RASH GUARD CHECKING : Your Gi will be checked prior to the match , pre check your Gi and Belt that it matches the IBJJF requirements. You have one minute to change your Gi if it does not meet the specifications. Short sleeve Rash guards only they should be body fitting and contain not less than 10 % of your belt colour . Tops or shirts that are not body fitting are not allowed you will be required to change.


  1. Competitors : please leave the competition area after your match to avoid congestion in the area. BE AT THE EVENT AREA ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR MATCH SCHEDULE.
  2. Not Allowed : Competitors are not allowed to wear groin cups.. Knee braces should not contain metal or plastic material. Gi & No Gi no slippery creams or oils allowed on the body or hair.
  3. Coaching : No Coaching within the Mat Area, except one Coach is allowed for Children’s or Novice matches, or for hearing impaired athletes. Please sit at the table side chairs and leave the area after the match.
  4. Photographers / Videographers please ask for a Media Badge , no one is allowed in the competition area without a badge.
  5. Change room / Toilet :Situated behind the stage down the stairs , wear your Gi or rash guard when in the mall do not walk around with out a shirt. Do not change in Public and always wear a shirt.
  6. Discipline : Please Observe the commands given by the Guards and the Event staff
  7. Awarding : You must receive your medal on the Podium, dressed in Competition attire. Can not receive your medal after the awarding ceremony. Single medalist can pick up their medals as per announcer.
  8. Ayala Mall : We are very grateful for the use of the Mall , Respect the Mall and its patrons , follow the instructions given by the Guards and Comp Officials , please keep your area clean and be courteous to others , no swearing or bad language is tolerated. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH. We want to project a good image of ourselves and the sport.
  9. Eligibility : Black Belts Adult competitors in Judo and National Team Wrestlers – Register as Blue Belts in the Adult Divisions or if you Qualify as a Master register in the Purple belt division Masters Division in both Gi and No Gi .

2022 Asia Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Championships Gi & Asia Pacific Submission Championships No-Gi Team Registration Form