2022 JJFP National Selection Trials Saturday May 28 Treston College

Notice : The Jiu Jitsu Federation of the Philippines (JJFP) will host 2022 JJFP Selection Trials open to all JJFP member Teams on Saturday May 28 , 9am at Treston College Taquig. Weigh in Friday May 27 at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts 11am to 3pm only.

Competitors Note: All competitors must be fully vaccinated with Vaccination card. Competitors must compete in the weight class they fall under , they cannot compete in the weight class above , ie U77kg player cannot compete in U85kg. This competition is open belt for Blue belts and above only.

2022 Jiu Jitsu Federation of the Philippines (JJFP) National Selection Trials. The 2022 JJFP National Selection Trials are only for eligible players who hold a Philippine passport or Filipinos who hold an expired passport with an appointment for renewal. Current team members will be seeded. JJIF competition rule set will apply.

JJFP will be hosting Gi divisions only for the Trials please check the Registration link for the weight classes.

The trials will determine the slots for the 2022 team Asian Games, World Games , AIMAG and any other upcoming events for 2022.

Upcoming International Competitions Asian Games : Postponed BJJ dates soon 4 Mens and 4 Women divisions have been allocated for Jiu Jitsu.As per POC quota we can send 10 athletes the following are the divisions and number per weight class in kg. Female U 48 x 2, U 52 x1 , 57 x 1, 63 x 1 Male U62 x2 , 69 x 1, 77 x 1, 85 x 1 . Other International events for the Philippine Jiu Jitsu Team will be announced as we receive notification.

Qualification Process for the Philippine National 1. Jiu Jitsu Team. Competition will have 1st , 2nd and one 3rd placing. 2. The 1st and second placed Athletes will be chosen for each weight class with the 3rd placed athlete to be part of the development training squad. 3. To ensure the continued development and growth of Jiu Jistu in the Philippines only one overseas based athlete can qualify for each weight class . The team can be comprised of one local and one overseas based athlete or two local athletes depending on competition results. 4. No Close outs allowed , all competitors must fight any staged fights could lead to bot competitors being disqualified.

Dates and Deadline
We cannot accept entries or  No Corrections after the Deadline Friday May 20.

Eligibility to Play: Exclusive to Filipinos passport holders

  • Filipino Passport Holders only
  • Filipino citizen / Born in the Philippines
  • Fighters must show:
    • ID Passport only valid or expired
  • Overseas based Competitors must show a Philippine Passport
  • Holders of expired passports must show an Appointment with the DFA to be eligible.
  • Clothings Gis No Gi must not be torn.
    • Short nails / No Hair gel, clean feet (Wear Slippers around the event area)
  • White Kimono only
  • All competitors must be a member of a JJFP Member Club and a paid up Individual member of JJFP
  • Eligible member Clubs https://jjfphil.wixsite.com/home/membership

Grappling Contests

GRAPPLINGCONTESTS.COMGrappling ContestsAutomated Tournament Management by Grappling Contests.Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources.Get Vaccine Info

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Eligible member Clubs https://jjfphil.wixsite.com/home/membership

Grappling Contests

GRAPPLINGCONTESTS.COMGrappling ContestsAutomated Tournament Management by Grappling Contests.Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources.Get Vaccine Info

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Note : All current National Team members are to compete in the trials . Team members will be seeded.

Team Selection : The National Team comprises of two persons per weight class and 2 more as part of the training pool .

Every weight classes’ FOUR best fighters receive medals

Weigh in: Athletes will weigh in the day before . This is the official weigh in (day before only ) you will be disqualified if you do not make weight at an official weigh in . Shorts / Tshirt / rash guard are acceptable.

RULES : JJIF rules apply

Men’s: Weight and Belts Divisions: Gi

  • Adult Blue Belts and Above
  • Under 56 kg (galo)
  • Under 62 kg (pluma)
  • Under 69 kg (pena)
  • Under 77 kg (leve)
  •  Under 85kg (medio)
  •  Under 94kg (meio pesado)
  •  Over 94 kg (super pesado)

Women’s: Weight and Belt Divisions Gi

  • Adult Blue Belts and Above
  • Under 45kg (galo )
  • Under 48kg (pena)
  • Under 52kg (pluma)
  • Under 57kg (leve)
  • Under 63kg (medio)
  • Under 70kg (meio Pesado)
  • Over 70kg ( pesado )

What to Wear

Gi – Fighters will wear a White Kimono only: Red or Blue
Belts will be provided
No Gi – Fighters use Tights (Females only) shorts, Rash Guards black

Match Schedule:
MATCH times will be announced once the brackets are released
All athletes must be at the venue one and half hours prior to the designated Match time.

Match Duration / Rules:
For White Belts: Normal Rules apply
Blue Belts and Above: Black Belts rules apply.
Match time 6 minutes for Adults

See rules information, copy and paste the link;


Weight classes
Also see registration form at www.bjjfp.com

Other information:

  1. All calls are in English

Mat escape, same position as the fighter were in when they crossed the mat line or referee say, “stop”
The referee will call  “ Fight “ to commence the match
Fighters are called-in two fights before their own, so one pair fighting, next pair waiting behind referee table and third pair in weigh-in check.
Fighters have to give ID to the referee’s table and they will get it back after the fight.
Fighter must first bow to the reff then to each other

  • Belts

Gi Fighters will be issued with a Blue or Red Belt for each match; you remove your original belt.

No Gi Fighters will wear a Red or Blue ankle band.

Please return the belt after your match.

  • All Fighters must wear shoes around the competition area; failure to do so may mean disqualification.
  • All competitors must enter the mat area when called from the weigh in area regardless if you weighed in the day before, climbing over the barricades or entry from another part of the enclosure will lead to disqualification.
  • All winners must ensure they leave their contact details at the Podium Table


1.Competitors : please leave the competition area after your match to avoid congestion in the area. BE AT THE EVENT AREA ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR MATCH SCHEDULE.

2.Attire : Undergarments must be worn, Men no Tshirts rash guard allowed under the Gi , Ladies Rash guard is allowed no Sports Bra. Check your Gi for the correct position of the patches and the quality of your Belt it should not be frayed and reach the length as prescribed by IBJJF .

3. Not Allowed : Competitors are not allowed to wear groin cups.. Knee braces should not contain metal or plastic material. Gi & No Gi no slippery creams or oils allowed on the body or hair.

4. Coaching : No Coaching within the Mat Area, except one Coach is allowed for Children’s or Novice matches, or for hearing impaired athletes. Please sit at the table side chairs and leave the area after the match.

5. Photographers / Videographers please ask for a Media Badge , no one is allowed in the competition area without a badge.

6. Footwear : All competitors wear slippers , thongs , flip flops , sandals or shoes around the Venue. Do not walk barefoot the dirt transfers to the mat.

7. Weigh in : If you do not make weight during the official weigh in you can be disqualified.

8. Absolute registration :register at the same time you register for your weight class. A penalty will apply if you register after you have registered for your weight class.

9 .Change room / Toilet :Situated behind the stage down the stairs , wear your Gi or rash guard when in the mall do not walk around with out a shirt.

10. Discipline : Please Observe the commands given by the Guards and the Event staff

11. Awarding : You must receive your medal on the Podium, dressed in Competition attire. One person only to accompany the winners on the stage to receive their medals. No awarding will be made if there are more than one accompanying the medalist. This is for safety reasons on the stage.

12. Gi & Rash Guard Checking : Your Gi will be checked prior to the match , pre check your Gi and Belt that it matches the IBJJF requirements. You have one minute to change your Gi if it does not meet the specifications. Short sleeve Rash guards should be body fitting and contain not less than 10 % of your belt colour . Tops or shirts that are not body fitting are not allowed you will be required to change.

13 . Treston College : We are very grateful for the use of the Venue , Respect the staff and , follow the instruction given by the Guards and Comp Officials , please keep your area clean and be courteous to others , no swearing or bad language is tolerated. PICK UP YOUR TRASH.

14. Eligibility : Black Belts Adult competitors in Judo and National Team Wrestlers – Register as Blue Belts in the Adult Divisions or if you Qualify as a Master in the Purple Masters Divisions in both Gi and No Gi .

Download the invitation letter for more information.

Registration and Correction Deadline:
Friday May 20 Please check your entries after you register on the competitor list below. No changes can be made after Friday May 20.

Venue & Date : Treston College the Fort Taquig. PARKING: Please note there is limited parking at Treston , we advise competitors to park at Market Market

Weigh in : AT KMA FITNESS AND MARTIAL ARTS Le Domaine , Tordesilas St Salcedo Makati
Friday May 27 , Weigh in 11am to 3pm for all athletes . Competition day: Saturday May 28 , 9am

Registration links Gi : Closed

Competitor List : http://www.grapplingcontests.com/asiacompetitors.php

Important Information : All competitors please bring a clear coloured photo copy of your passport.

Please Note : ~ – No food is allowed or sold at the venue . Rooms 204 & 205 have been allocated for us to use for refreshments and relaxation . Bring your own food and drinks and eat only in Rooms 204 & 205 – Spectators are allowed in the venue – Park at Market Market there may not be enough parking at the venue.

Brackets:click the link http://www.grapplingcontests.com/draws/noviceandnationalsmay22/NationalsBrackets.pdf

Mat Schedule: click the link http://www.grapplingcontests.com/draws/noviceandnationalsmay22/MatSchedule.pdf

Registration Fees and Deadlines:

  • No Corrections or Entries after the deadline
  • Match Schedule / Brackets released Wednesday before the competition.
  • Check your entry on the competitor list after registration

Competition fee: P2500

Competitor list : Please check your entry here, Name , Team, Division . http://www.grapplingcontests.com/asiacompetitors.php

Competition payment:
Payment has to be made online or to the account specified.
Team payment made directly to the bank account must include the fighter’s name, team and category and a copy of the receipt.

Enquiries / Corrections; info@bjjphilippines.com
Corrections can be made anytime before the Payment deadline NOT AFTER THE DEADLINE. Please use the email address above, no texts , phone calls or facebook messages.

Payment Methods
Registrations are processed only after payment has been received.

1. Online registration – click the registration links

For your registration to be processed you must pay at the same time that you register, follow the links after registration.

Philippine-based competitors

2. Direct deposit – for multiple or Team entries only
You must email your deposit slip with your entries at the same time.
Events Concepts Designs Inc.
Bank of Commerce,
Petron Station Wack Wack
Account : 111 – 0000 – 2851-3
Email deposit slip and entries to; info@bjjphilippines.com

3.Direct payment
Pay at KMA
Tordesillas St Makati or
Wack Wack Gym Mandaluyong

Contact details; Text only 0917 8242420
Email to Mike; info@bjjphilippines.com

FOR ALL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS We are happy to announce that we at the Jiu-Jitsu Federation of the Philippines have automated our Membership System through Smoothcomp. All membership applications, both Club and Individual, may now be submitted online. Payments for Membership Fees will also now be accepted through the Smoothcomp platform. To begin using Smoothcomp, create a user account under your FULL NAME as seen in your passport or any valid government ID at the following link: https://smoothcomp.com/en/auth/register • Complete all required information • Be sure to upload your photo when creating your account Log in to Smoothcomp to complete the following steps: CREATE YOUR CLUB ACCOUNT AND APPLY FOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP (Club Membership Fee is P5,000): 1. Visit the link to CREATE NEW ACADEMY: https://smoothcomp.com/en/club/new… 2. Be sure to assign your Club’s Head as Academy Manager 3. Once you have registered your Club as an Academy, click on the link to apply for JJFP membership: https://jjfphil.smoothcomp.com/…/107/academies/plans I. Choose PROBATIONARY CLUB MEMBER if your Club satisfies ONE or MORE of the following criteria: • You are applying as a new Club Member, with no previous JJFP membership • You do not have a registered Black Belt head representing your Club EXCLUSIVELY (Black Belt Club Heads can only represent ONE Club) • Your CLUB has less than twenty (20) registered and paid Individual Members II. Choose REGULAR CLUB MEMBER if your Club satisfies ALL of the following criteria: • Your CLUB was a Member during the previous calendar year and are currently applying for renewal • Your Club has a Black Belt representing your Club EXCLUSIVELY • Your Club has at least twenty (20) registered and paid Individual Members APPLY FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (Individual Membership Fee is P500): 1. Make sure your Club Head has already created an Academy for your Club and has an approved Club Membership 2. Tap on your name on the top right corner of the screen and click on SETTINGS 3. Complete the JOIN ACADEMY fields and hit SUBMIT 4. Tap on the link to apply for an INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: https://jjfphil.smoothcomp.com/en/federation/107/membership Once you have completed your Membership Application, please present your Digital ID card when participating in all Jiu-Jitu Federation of the Philippines events and activities. You can access your Digital ID at the following link: https://smoothcomp.com/en/idSmoothcomp

2022 Team Entry Form